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Falling Through the Cracks

MJ: I’m happy to be with you today to talk about whatever may come up. Sometimes I plan these conversations for us and sometimes I leave open to suggestions from you what we should talk about.

TM: I read an article this morning about drug addiction. Most of the story took place in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the woods outside of town where the drug addicts camped. The health workers would venture into the woods to administer treatments to the various drug addictions—multiple drug addictions per person. Conflicting kinds of treatment that they have to provide. And it hurts me to keep hearing these stories, it hurts my heart to hear these stories of these people trapped in this kind of life. And so I wonder what is the responsibility for the rest of us for this. I don’t choose to live that way and so I’m not a burden on society in that way. But what is my responsibility in both contributing to the circumstances that exist and my role to change the way it is and prevent this from happening. It feels like quite a conundrum.

MJ: For those people who are sensitive to the pain and suffering of others; who have empathy and sympathy for those; who can look at them and say with compassion and forgiveness I feel for you. I feel for you in your moment of despair and depression, and in your moment of anxiety of living in a world that doesn’t seem to care. That is indifferent to your survival; that is indifferent to your comfort. That is indifferent to your very life, and whether you exist or not does not matter.

The pain and suffering, being ostracized socially, finding comfort and camaraderie only among those who also suffer, that bonds people in misery. At least in their misery they have something to share with one another. 

TM: So what is the role? I see the suffering and understand exactly what you’re saying.

MJ: You asked what is the responsibility toward your brothers and sisters when they’re falling down and they can’t get up. Can a human society be at its best when it ignores its worst? When it ignores its failings as a society to create a container that can hold all the behaviors, desires, all the ambitions of the human race? The challenge to humanity as a group requires that everyone rises to their highest good.

When everyone rises to their highest good then you are able to lift those who may be too weak, who may be too blind or incapacitated in some way. As that baseline average moves over time higher and higher that the bulk of humanity can live in that space of their highest good consciously, knowing where they are, knowing how to cope with the trials and tribulations and the anxieties and uncertainties of living on Earth at this time.

When the bulk of humanity can do that it becomes less of an effort to intervene, to step in and lend a helping hand to those who cannot lift themselves.

TM: While my heart aligns with what you just said, I just want to help them, hug them and say it’s going to be okay. But I don’t know it’s going to be okay because I don’t have any control over them or their minds or know what they go through. I don’t understand why people choose to do those drugs in particular. We’ve all had despair. We’ve all had those moments when we felt incapable of moving one more inch.

But, we don’t all collapse into that behavior. So, there’s a trap door there that most of us are unaware of. We haven’t fallen through it and so we don’t understand. And when they fall through it and go to the other side I don’t know how to reach them, and to love them. Even though I feel compassion for them I don’t know what to do because I can’t relate or understand their experience to that degree. It’s a condition of futility if you don’t know what to do. I think that’s where a lot of people are. It’s easier to say, “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps”.

MJ: That’s always been the temptation of humankind. What you don’t know, you shun. You say, “keep it out, I don’t understand it. It has a negative impact. Get it away from us.” That’s a natural and healthy reaction. If something is causing harm, move away from it. You can’t see what’s causing it; so, move away. Stop the harm first. Don’t let the harm spread to yourself. That’s not a terrible reaction is it? 

TM: No, it’s not a terrible reaction. That’s what I’m saying, it’s a natural reaction to me. If I see someone doing something crazy, harming themselves and others around them in such a way, I say I won’t choose that for myself and I don’t want to get near it for fear of being sucked into myself. I have no idea how they got into their situation and why they are still there. It represents a danger and is confounding to the intellect and scary to the emotions. So, most of us don’t want to go near it, we don’t want to think about it. We’d like to understand it but it doesn’t look understandable if you’re not there.

MJ: That’s right, it’s terrifying. It’s terrifying to consider you could be living like that. That they could be living in the woods addicted to five drugs, eating dog food and defecating just feet away from your dwelling. Unable to bathe regularly. Unable to stay warm when it’s cold, or cool when it’s hot. Dealing with insects relentless in attacking you. Fear of wildlife. Fearful of other people with harmful intent. It’s a desperate life. It’s a terrifying life. So, yes, it is particularly frightening when you don’t understand it. It is very easy to turn your head and look the other way, because of that fear. And that as a society is what humans have done. Humanity has turned its collective head. There is a small faction that deals with it—the public health administrators deal with it. They are the proxy for the rest of humanity and they’re doing the best that they can. All they can do is sustain a bad situation. And perhaps mitigate some harms around the edges. But, mostly it’s all they can do to keep it contained. They don’t know how to stop it from spreading, because they have neither funding resources nor complete knowledge. All they can do is treat it for what it is. And that’s what they do. With little to no progress in blunting its progression. All they can do is mitigate the intensity of harm at times.

The rest of humanity sits back looking satisfied that they are making an effort; that they’ve made entreaties to the powers that be that they need some help. The help is slow in coming if it comes at all. And so these people struggle on the front lines uncertain of what else they can do. So, they just continue.

So do the victims. They carry on until they die. Or until they break through in some way. Some do, most don’t. Most die a slow death. A slow, agonizing death of despair and alienation. A social alienation that tears away at what it means to be human in connection with other humans. The physical death is bad enough, but the social death is even worse. It robs a person of hope and connection.

TM: How much will does it take? Where does the will come from for us to say enough is enough. To say we have enough material comfort of possessions—how do we fix these ills? It feels like we’ve become a caretaker society because we’ve created so many problems and so many people have fallen through the cracks and the cracks seem to be getting bigger. And more and more people are falling through which increases the demand on resources to deal with the negativity. Most people don’t want to do that—they don’t like to pay the debt service on all the bad programs and misunderstandings.

MJ: That is indeed what it is. If you think of it as a debt of ignorance, plus the interest because it begins to compound. Economic inequality compounds with poor decision making and poor health standards, and poor education. There is a poverty of resources that contribute to this. And there is a wealth of resources on the other side that prevent those in possession of that wealth from crossing over. They throw small efforts at it, they throw money at it. But mostly they sit in fear, the greatest of all. They stand to lose the most. Their fall from wealth is more terrifying than the person who has an ambition for wealth but never achieves it. That can be a dashed expectation. But to achieve wealth, to see the poverty beneath you, you wish to climb to a higher and higher height so that you can’t see it. You won’t feel safe until you’ve climbed high enough to not see it anymore. Until it is a speck down there. And that you know that any fall you experience will never take you down to that point.

It’s not until then that you feel safe. Until then you feel like any lifeline you throw could be used to pull you into it. And that is what is stopping the real progress to a solution. 

TM: And so you’re saying that the impasse is because those who are in a position to help financially and to change the system in ways that would fill in some the cracks people are falling through; you’re saying they are too afraid of falling in themselves even though they have the benefit of height, you’re saying they don’t see it as high enough to escape the fear from falling down. So, what do we do?

MJ: I’m saying that it’s a mix of things. That in the long run although there are many segments of varying degrees of wealth, in the end they all roll up and aggregate into one point of view. If they have more weight than the average person, given a person’s propensity to contrast and compare their lives with others. If they know they are in the top half they feel safe. The person at 51% doesn’t feel as safe as the person at 99%, but they identify with that class. And they think that that class will identify with them. So, if they are in trouble they can always reach out and grab a hand to pull them up. The further below the median average people become more concerned. More fearful. But even the top 50% are afraid it is never enough. The more they see the problems the more demand they put on their progress to increase their wealth. And that drives a more desperate behavior—the more money people have the more they strive to get more out of a necessity that they’re chasing to get away from their fear, the more desperate and unyielding they become in their compassion and their kindness. The more they give way to competition and the adversarial feelings that come with competition as it hardens them to the plight of the others, it’s the others’ fault, they are to blame for their own bad decisions. And while this is true that they are to blame for their own bad decisions; they are at fault for that; they must take responsibility for that, this is true. But how do you help someone to do it when they can’t do it? Is it your responsibility to help them when you see they can’t do it? Are you your brother’s keeper?

TM: Are we?

MJ: That’s a question we’ll answer in our next conversation.

What is Sin? Are We Sinful? A Reader’s Question

Reader’s Question: What Is Sin and Are We Sinful?

Shirley: Eleanor asked if we would answer this question. I’m happy to answer some questions form time to time. Contact us to leave us yours. Genuine questions only please!

Q: “I’m trying to reconcile my religious upbringing with some of other beliefs and I just can’t believe that we are born sinful. So can you please answer, what is sin and are we really sinful? Thank you! Love Eleanor.”

What is Sin and Are We Sinful,
Sin- what is it and are we sinful?

Q: What is Sin?

Jesus with Shirley Answers:

Sin is when man causes harm to himself or another by going against his true nature, which is love, compassion and oneness with all that is. It’s a manifestation of that which is designed by man through greed or desire to bring about the destruction or injury of their own, or another’s physical, emotional or spiritual wellbeing. Examples of sin were given to those of you who could hear the words of god as guidance to safeguard you against annihilation of one another.

Q: If we are our own creators and extensions of God, who is pure love, how can we be sinful?

Jesus with Shirley Answers:

You are not sinful, but when separation occurs between you and your true nature your essence or soul it’s difficult for you to see yourself in anyone or anything else, therefore denying yourself this truth makes it easy for you to act consciously or subconsciously in unloving and destructive ways.


FAQ’s Conversations with Jesus and Buddha

FAQ’s Conversations with Jesus and Buddha

Q. When did you both realise you could hear Buddha and Jesus?

A. TM: I started in a meditation.  First, I had a question in my mind about the Passion of the Christ film that had just been released.  I asked Jesus, not knowing what would happen.  That’s when the conversation began.  Some months later after several conversations with Jesus, I asked Master Buddha a question and a conversation ensued. This was the first time I had spoken with either Jesus or Buddha.

A. Zoe: I had been working with energy as a healer for years and was hearing the voices of people’s angels and guides and sometimes their loved one’s who had passed over. Jesus came to me whilst I was doing a healing treatment on someone who prayed to Jesus everyday. How I experienced that was as an immense light coming towards me and then I began to feel the most powerful energy I’d ever felt. I was overwhelmed. Tears began to stream down my face. I then saw him, as he is traditionally depicted, in my mind’s eye, which is one of the ways I ‘see’ psychically. He then spoke. I was blown away. I don’t remember his exact words at the time but from then on he would come to me and speak. It took many months before I felt comfortable to ask for him. Anytime I have he has always come. I’ve come to realize that his influence is everywhere. In some churches I’m able to ‘tune in’ and hear his teachings as if they are being played on repeat and permeating the environment. He stands with anyone who believes him in and comes to anyone who asks. He enjoys being with me, he says. He asks me to call on him more which is interesting to me. He says I should invite him into my garden and he will be with me. I do this. Maybe I should record some of those encounters too.

Buddha came to me quite by surprise. I was sitting on my yoga mat after meditation in my home and I heard a voice that very clearly said something along the lines of, “Turn and face me.” I did and there was the most magnificent, blinding golden light behind me. After a few seconds, when I wasn’t blinded by it anymore, I saw the biggest cheeky grin and a face I immediately knew as Buddha’s. I got such a shock, which only amused him more. I LOVE my conversations with Buddha. He came to me at a time when I wanted to expand my consciousness. I may have had a thought of how great it would be to be taught by Buddha but I’m not sure. I immediately asked him if he would help me and he agreed and we started a training program everyday for some time. I then asked him if I should post some of these and I have. What I can tell you is that he is a very keen teacher and his lessons are fabulous- at least to me… He too told me that he is available to help others and enjoys the fact that he is ‘fashionable’ and images and statues of him appear in homes in the West and all over the world now. When we finish our conversations (which are more like tutorials for me!) he always signs off saying, “That is all. Your Buddy Buddha.” I just LOVE his joy!

Q. You say what you experience is different for each of you- can you explain?

A. TM: I begin as I always do with an opening of the Love in Abundance prayer.  I then align my three aspects of personality (physical, emotional and mental) with soul and spirit.  Next I ask for permission to communicate with Jesus or Buddha, depending on the subject.  Contact is made with a return greeting that actually speaks through my audible voice.  The experience is like speaking to a friend in conversation.  Mostly I type the conversation and so it goes a bit slower since I’m not very quick at typing.  I’ve thought of doing an audio recording and then transcribing, but have never done that.  I always feel refreshed and very clear after a conversation.

A. Zoe: For me I can experience one of two things: either I can feel an immensely powerful and loving energy approach me and I can make way for it by stopping what I’m doing, or, I can sit, meditate and ask to connect. Once I connect I can feel a great amount of pressure on the top of my head and forehead and I begin to feel like I’m slowing down and might sleep. I relax into the feeling and feel as if my personal sense of self moves down into my chest and parks itself into my physical heart. As this is happening I relax, breath the experience in and eventually I feel as if there is another presence in my body. Once I’m settled, it settles, and the presence uses my voice to speak. I record what I say.

I remember most of what is said but I’m unable to think for myself as the presence is inside as it pushes the presence out. Sometimes I’m given pictures in my mind as a point is illustrated. With every conversation the experience of love is incredible as is a light sense of humor. Buddha, in particular, has an incredible sense of humor and often laughs. When they leave I feel an immense sense of peace and often it takes a few minutes for me to open my eyes and adjust to my normal waking state. I feel very blessed and honoured by their presence. Buddha usually begins with, “Hello Zoe. It’s Your friend, Your Guide, Your Master- Buddha.”  Jesus appears but doesn’t speak at first. I feel and see his smiles. The purity and power of his presence is indescribable. What a blessing!

I usually let Jesus or Buddha speak about whatever they like. Occasionally I’ll ask a question and listen to their answer. It’s more difficult for me to speak to them and hear. I can do it but it’s easier just to listen and bask in their glorious energy. Generally it’s easier for me to have the intention to ask a question and have them answer it. I suppose my conversations are more like monologues than TMichael’s. I practice what they speak about and allow my mind to rest on their conversations and I actively think about their words and meanings for days, weeks, moths and years. Sometimes when I actively think about their conversations I can feel their presence move closer to me. I find it fun to walk down the street or be in the garden with Jesus and Buddha. Jesus once asked me to, “take him” into the supermarket. It amused me no end having a conversation with him as I picked my veggies, but in situations like this it’s much harder to hold their energies. ‘m convinced he’s everywhere and he just meant for me to invite his presence and conversation as I did my grocery shop. It’s much easier to hold their energies when I’m physically still. Better not tell my cousin I can even hear Jesus in the supermarket ;)

Q. How did you (TMichael & Zoe) meet?

A. TM: Zoe contacted me after she visited this site, which was after she began having conversations with Master Buddha. She was curious if anyone else was having this experience, did some searching, and violå, she found these conversations.
Following an exchange of emails and a phone conversation, we decided to post Zoe’s conversations here. I welcome the opportunity to share these with you as I have my own conversations.

A. Zoe: After I initially spoke with Buddha I had an overwhelming urge to google, “conversations with Buddha”. Immediately this site came up and in some sort of altered state I emailed TMichael. I needed that altered state to be able to email him- emailing strangers is normally out of character for me. I’m so glad I did. TMichael and I are now good friends.

Q. Do you think it’s ‘normal’ that you can hear Jesus and Buddha?

A. TM: If you mean ‘normal’ in the sense that the average person has conversations with Jesus and Buddha, then no, this isn’t normal.  I think Zoe’s cousin’s response is funny.  Given her profession’s standards, both Jung and Freud would have been sectioned.  Is it normal to dedicate one’s life to living among the poor and healing the sick without compensation?  Is it normal to live an ascetic life in the forest while giving up a material kingdom?  The world depends upon the irrational and abnormal person for all its progress.  The fact that normal people would squander their limited resources to sequester abnormal, benign persons, is by my definition insane.  So, my answer is, no it’s not normal, but why should anyone care?

A. Zoe: When I began ‘hearing’ I was deeply uncomfortable with it. Looking back I’m not sure why as I was already ‘seeing’ energy forms, working as a healer and speaking with my angels, guides and God. I suppose it comes as a bit of a shock to ‘hear’ the answer to a question! I know that sounds a bit strange… I spoke with my cousin, who as a clinical psychologist, told me that she could section me. I burst out laughing and asked if that was still the case if it was the voice of angel? She said that it was even worse if it was Jesus- I kept very quiet…  ;)

I believe that every one of us is in communication with Spirit at all times. I believe this is “normal”. We are made of heaven and earth (formlessness and form), and essentially we are all spirit inhabiting a body. It’s my belief that it’s impossible to not be in touch with Spirit because that is what we are. However it isn’t everyone who experiences spirit, or the formless part of themselves. For me connecting with the formless part of myself has opened up a number of realities that were hitherto undiscovered. Being able to hear the messages and feel the love of Buddha and Jesus is one part of that. It’s a part that I kept quiet for a long time, and it’s a part I came to understand that would better be shared than hidden. I don’t think it’s ‘normal’ to feel, hear and be witness to their magnificence and not share it in some kind of way.

Q. What kind of reactions do you get from people who know you speak to Jesus and Buddha?

A. TM: Only a handful of people know and they accept that it’s just something I do in my private, spiritual life.

A. Zoe: It varies on the person, like anything in life. I have to add that it’s not something I’ve ever openly publicised about myself. I am much more comfortable about it now in myself, and that has helped me become more comfortable discussing it with others. As a healer I had been given many names. Many were wonderful but some of them were not. Despite the fact alternative therapies are popular today, some people still perceive healing as something unnatural or unholy, practiced by less than virtuous people. So I am used to being perceived in a polarised way because of what I do. However I don’t walk about with a sign saying, “I speak to Jesus and Buddha”. As much as the thought of that is very humorous to me it’s just not going to happen. Not for the foreseeable future anyway- but you never know!

Q. What is your favourite post?

A. TM: I don’t really have a favorite one.  I do really like this quote from Master Jesus: “I’m strengthening your soul to tap your spirit that holds the key to your power that unlocks your heart that alters the mind that frees you from the illusion.”

A. Zoe: I like them all for different reasons. I started practicing the exercise given in Love Thy Neighbour . That is amazing. When I practice this all barriers within me to others are dropped and I experience an immense amount of love and joy as I look for him in the eyes of others. I’m a bit of an eternal student so love having lessons. TMichael has asked about specific things. His posts are different from mine and are more conversational. What I love most about all of TMichael’s conversations is his self honesty; he let’s us into his world, his psyche, as he converses.  This takes courage; especially as Jesus and Buddha often make gentle fun with him! Both Jesus and Buddha have incredible senses of humour and because of the way TMichael converses with them, this humour is better captured in many of TMichael’s posts better than mine. Jesus and Buddha do like to gently and lovingly play with me and my limiting beliefs too. I reckon they specialise in pointing them out!  I’ve often  laughed out loud as I’ve read some of the posts. For this and other reasons I particularly like Integration and Disintegration.

Over the years Buddha’s lesson in Be Yourself has stuck with me: the rose can only be a rose.

Q. What Do You Mean By “Energetic Meaning” in the posts?

A.  Zoe: The energetic presence I experience when conversing with Jesus and Buddha is incredibly powerful. It is peaceful, loving, light hearted, humorous and truly beautiful. Sometimes it makes me want to cry with tears of joy; sometimes sleep for a thousand years. Speaking with them has changed my life. When I read these posts I’m able to experience some of this energy once more, even though their presence isn’t directly with me. Some of you may feel it too. I believe there is transformative, powerful energy coming through the words in the posts- energy that could possibly help you heal and transform. So this is why we suggest that you read the posts with an open heart and an open mind.

Q. In the post Rod of Healing you discuss working with the Rod of Healing. How did it help you?

A. TM: What I experienced with the ROH was a sense of confidence and power to heal myself.  The meditation upon focusing the power and flow of energy builds strength within your perception of health and a means of visualizing your physical body in a healthy state.  The result I know better than the means, which is still a bit shrouded in mystery for me.  Within 3-4 weeks I went from a stage 4 cancer state to complete remission.  I used allopathic and alternative treatments combined for that period while I meditated daily on the ROH to focus the power of the treatments as well as tap my own inner strength for healing.

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This site lovingly shares with you some of the “Conversations” we, TMichael, Zoe and Shirley have had with Jesus, Buddha and Maitreya.

The posts themselves are the conversations and they appear in chronological order with the newest first. If you want to read what Buddha, Jesus or Maitreya have said on a certain subject please use the search option or click on the category. TMichael and Zoe’s posts are mixed together. To read the conversations of only one with either Jesus, Buddha or Maitreya, select the appropriate category; i.e. Buddha with TMichael.

We suggest you take your time reading as the posts contain energetic as well as lyrical meaning.

To find out more about how we have the conversations, what they have meant for us, and more, please read the FAQ’s.

We welcome your comments to the posts as well as your willingness to share your journey and experiences as you work with Spirit in your way. We would also love to read about your experiences of any of the exercises contained in the posts that you might have tried. Any abusive comments or emails will immediately be deleted unread.

TMichael and Zoe share the information here openly with the intention of it providing help and encouragement to all that might benefit from it.

Neither TMichael nor Zoe are affiliated with any religion or cult; we’re just two people who found that they could ‘hear’ whilst moving along our own spiritual journey.

Enjoy the posts!

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TMichael, Zoe & Shirley

About TMichael

These conversations are my, TMichael’s, metalogues. I go into a meditative state and tap my creative imagination and whatever may exist in a higher state realm. I don’t claim to know what that is and I’ve given up regular speculation, because I’ve accepted that it’s unknowable.

My observations of the actual conversations that are transcribed are that the body of what is said bears minor resemblance to what I may have thought myself, but most of it is new to me. I don’t know how to explain that. I do premeditate prior to the meditative state whether I’ll converse with Jesus or Buddha. Beyond that everything just comes through and I transcribe it.

Feel free to leave a comment on any conversation.

If you want to know more about us please visit the FAQ’s page.


About Zoe

I, Zoe, been a healer helping people for over 10 years. Coming from a line of women who were and are able to connect to Spirit in a variety of forms, it wasn’t at all surprising when my abilities to work with, feel and see Spirit also became hearing Spirit. At first I kept these abilities to myself. Nervously I began to bring forward the messages to a few friends and clients. As I began to trust the process, channelling became part of what I offered clients in my practice. In my healing work I would regularly clairvoyantly see and feel people’s helpers. One day, when I was working on a client’s energy field, I became aware of a very bright light and magnificent presence coming towards me. It started speaking to me inside my mind. I was immediately overwhelmed, humbled and spontaneously began to weep without sound. I began to ‘see’ who it was- Jesus.

I was stunned for weeks. Eventually I summoned the courage to see if I could reach him. I settled myself, meditated, asked the question in my mind and once again the light and magnificence overwhelmed me. At first I could only speak to him for a few minutes. It was as if his energy was too strong for me. Over time I have become more used to the scale of the love and magnificence he brings with him. I feel so truly blessed to experience this is such a tangible way. I know that not everyone who would like to speak to him can hear his reply. But I do know that he is by the side of all that ask him to walk with him. The energy of him is all around and available to anyone who asks for it.

This site was originally called ‘Bluedogbob’. I contacted the creator of the site, T.Michael, after I had a surprising connection with Buddha in my living room during meditation. Like Jesus before, he approached me. As I was coming out of meditation I heard a voice asking me to turn around. I did and there he was in front of me- a giant smile in the middle of bright golden light. I was shocked, which seemed to amuse him, and he began to speak about the nature of mind and of reality. I immediately asked if I could speak with him regularly and become his student. He agreed. I would sit and receive his teachings and work with them for a period of time. It didn’t seem right to me that others were less able to receive this magnificent gift so I asked if I could share them. With another big grin he agreed. I reckon he knew I would ask that before he first spoke with me.

The posts that appear from me are shared in the hope that you too can benefit from their words, meaning and the glorious energy that comes with them. I am lucky to be able to converse with with Jesus and Buddha on any subject. What I choose to post is the lessons they give me with the understanding that I will share them with you.

I hope you enjoy them and it’s my hope that their magnificence touches your life as it has done mine.

If you want to read more about us please visit the FAQ’S page.

With Love