Welcome to Conversations with Jesus and Buddha

Welcome to Conversations with Jesus and Buddha!

Have you ever wondered what Jesus or Buddha might say about life and living today?

Well Jesus and Buddha do talk; they are interested and these “conversations” are testament to this.

We are TMichael, Zoe and Shirley: three people in three different continents who connected, listened and “talked” with both Jesus and Buddha without ever knowing the other one existed. The story of how we came to connect with Jesus and Buddha is different for each of us, and our differences are also reflected in our conversations as you’re about to discover.

In one of the conversations, Jesus explains that at various points in time Jesus, Buddha and others reach out to establish out receptivity to their messages. TMichael, Zoe and Shirley are three such receptive vessels and together we lovingly share the messages of love, hope, change and transformation that is available to us all.

The posts appear in chronological order with the newest first. If you want to read what Buddha, Jesus or Maitreya have said on a certain subject please use the search option or click on the category. TMichael’s, Zoe’s and Shirley’s posts are mixed together. To read the conversations of only one with either Jesus, Buddha or Maitreya, select the appropriate category; i.e. Buddha with Zoe.

We hope you enjoy these posts and they bring you what you need. We suggest you take your time reading as the posts contain energetic as well as lyrical meaning.

To find out more about how we have the conversations, what they have meant for us, and more, please read the FAQ’s.

We do welcome your comments to the posts and love to hear about your journey and experiences you’ve had from reading this. Many posts contain exercises and we especially love to know how those have worked for you. Please note that any abusive comments or emails will immediately be deleted unread.

So you know, neither TMichael, Zoe nor Shirley are religious nor affiliated with any religion or cult: we’re spiritual independents who found that they could ‘hear’ whilst moving along our own unique spiritual journey.

With Love

TMichael, Zoe and Shirley X
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What Jesus and Buddha want to say about life today