About TMichael- Conversations with Jesus and Buddha

About TMichael- Conversations with Jesus and Buddha

TMichael: These conversations are metalogues. I go into a meditative state and tap my creative imagination and whatever may exist in a higher state realm. I don’t claim to know what that is and I’ve given up regular speculation, because I’ve accepted that it’s unknowable.

My observations of the actual conversations that are transcribed are that the body of what is said bears minor resemblance to what I may have thought myself, but most of it is new to me. I don’t know how to explain that. I do premeditate prior to the meditative state whether I’ll converse with Jesus or Buddha. Beyond that everything just comes through and I transcribe it.

My intent in creating this site is to express a contemporary perspective on many of the challenges humanity faces presented in the words of Jesus and Buddha as they converse with me during meditation.  Maybe this can help someone in a time of need for comfort and understanding.  Maybe it can stimulate thought in someone else—a different viewpoint from his or her set belief system.

I don’t profess to know technically how this process works even though I have received explanations to that intended effect.  I suppose I have some personal resistance that obscures my acceptance and understanding.  But, there is some part of me that grasps the truth in these conversations and recognizes the thoughts and scope of awareness inherent in them that seems foreign to me in a state of self-observation and normal consciousness.  I have much to learn and these conversations have helped me in that regard.

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What Jesus and Buddha want to say about life today