About Zoe- Conversations with Jesus and Buddha

About Zoe- Conversations with Jesus and Buddha

Zoe: I’ve been a healer helping people for over 10 years. Coming from a line of women who were and are able to connect to Spirit in a variety of forms, it wasn’t at all surprising when my abilities to work with, feel and see Spirit also became hearing Spirit. At first I kept these abilities to myself. Nervously I began to bring forward the messages to a few friends and clients. As I began to trust the process, bringing forth messages became part of what I offered clients in my practice. In my healing work I would regularly clairvoyantly see and feel people’s helpers. One day, when I was working on a client’s energy field, I became aware of a very bright light and magnificent presence coming towards me. It started speaking to me inside my mind. I was immediately overwhelmed, humbled and spontaneously began to weep without sound. I began to ‘see’ who it was- Jesus.

I was stunned for weeks. Eventually I summoned the courage to see if I could reach him. I settled myself, meditated, asked the question in my mind and once again the light and magnificence overwhelmed me. At first I could only speak to him for a few minutes. It was as if his energy was too strong for me. Over time I have become more used to the scale of the love and magnificence he brings with him. I feel so truly blessed to experience this is such a tangible way. I know that not everyone who would like to speak to him can hear his reply. But I do know that he is by the side of all that ask him to walk with him. The energy of him is all around and available to anyone who asks for it.

This site was originally called ‘Bluedogbob’. I contacted the creator of the site, T.Michael, after I had a surprising connection with Buddha in my living room during meditation. Like Jesus before, he approached me. As I was coming out of meditation I heard a voice asking me to turn around. I did and there he was in front of me- a giant smile in the middle of bright golden light. I was shocked, which seemed to amuse him, and he began to speak about the nature of mind and of reality. I immediately asked if I could speak with him regularly and become his student. He agreed. I would sit and receive his teachings and work with them for a period of time. It didn’t seem right to me that others were less able to receive this magnificent gift so I asked if I could share them. With another big grin he agreed. I reckon he knew I would ask that before he first spoke with me.

The posts that appear from me are shared in the hope that you too can benefit from their words, meaning and the glorious energy that comes with them. I am lucky to be able to converse with with Jesus and Buddha on any subject. What I choose to post is the lessons they give me with the understanding that I will share them with you.

I hope you enjoy them and it’s my hope that their magnificence touches your life as it has done mine.

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With Love


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