A Prayer to Help You Connect to Love and Peace

A Prayer to help You Connect to Love and Peace

Would you like to connect into the love, peace and transformative potential that connecting the Jesus and Buddha offers?

Below is a prayer given to TMichael  by Maitreya 20 years ago whilst meditating. At the time he was asked to write it down.

TMichael meditates on this prayer prior to connecting with Jesus and Buddha. He believes is can help you too connect to the love, peace and transformative power within too.

TMichael: I have recited this prayer almost everyday since then.  It has a transforming power that increases over time as I understand it’s meaning through contemplation and intuition. I believe it can help many of you too and suggest you too try using it in your prayer, meditation or contemplative practice.

Love in Abundance

With every breath that I breathe in I receive love in abundance, and

With every breath that I breathe out I send love in abundance into the world,

I am filled with love in abundance.

As I receive love in abundance I use my courage, truthfulness, goodness and beauty to enhance its value for the benefit of all.

I follow the path of love and wisdom.

I am grateful for all that I receive in love in abundance,

And I am grateful for all that I share with others.

I am that I am and thus receive the blessings of love in abundance.



The first phrase expresses that love fills our being as we circulate it naturally, as in breathing.  If you filled your lungs with air, but then refused to breathe out, you’d very soon pass out.  The same applies to love.  It circulates naturally without effort.

The second phrase represents what we do with the energy of love through our actions.  As we endow it consciously with those attributes it serves to benefit ourselves and others.

The third phrase reflects the balance inherent in giving and receiving love and gratitude regulates that balance.

The fourth phrase circles back to the first phrase, but extends its meaning by acknowledging that without judgment or interference, we receive love by our very existence.  It is our birthright to enjoy life through love and the attendant consequences.

You may, as I have, experience an evolving interpretation of this meditation.  The spirit of this site is this vein.

Please share with us your experiences.

May it too bring you love and peace,


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