Milk of Human Kindness: Jesus with Zoe

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Milk of human kindness

Conversations with Jesus and Zoe: Milk of Human Kindness

Jesus: Today is a day when we talk about the milk of human kindness.

Nothing is more important than kind, thought, word, action and deed.

Think of it: if all were kind what a very different world we’d live in.

Work towards this in your own life.  Have faith in the power of this even when it feels that no-one else is showing you kindness and compassion.  Be the beacon and be the change.


© Zoe 2015

2 thoughts on “Milk of Human Kindness: Jesus with Zoe”

  1. Hello Zoe, that is so lovely to be reminded of kindness and to have faith. This website is breathtaking to read Jesus talking with you. How brilliant!! Be the beacon and be the Change! Come On! that is good news Zoe. Jesus is our Light, our Lamp, our Bright Morning Star!!!!
    Shine On.

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