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Mind- A Game: Buddha with Zoe

Mind- a game, Cove
Mind- a game

Conversations with Zoe and Buddha: Mind- A Game

speed dating in redlands ca suche single für urlaub Buddha: Let us start how we must begin. A mind is a mind. A tooth is a tooth, A television a television. But are they not also of mind? Who named them? Created them? Can you visualize them? Experience them? Only through your mind.

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http://surfscooter.com/?maska=hombre-caminando-solo&483=a8 So, where do I say you should all start? By questioning everything you think you know. You think you know. You think you know nothing. You know… You know…

my blog Well I say to you- Ha! There is nothing to know. There is everything to know. But all of it- ALL OF IT- is a play on words, worlds, concepts, realities. Each of you go as far as your mind will let you. Know this.

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