Sparkle and Shine: Buddha with Zoe

Shine and sparkle
Sparkle and shine

Conversations with Buddha and Zoe: Sparkle and Shine

Buddha: Zoe, there will be times when your energies are down. Times when life doesn’t sparkle and shine. Does that mean that sparkle and shine doesn’t exist if you can’t see it? Of course not. You just can’t see it.

Many of you give up hope because you can’t see the wonder or the beauty in life anymore. Perhaps you feel you have never seen it. This is only because, right now, it is hidden from you. This is not necessarily your fault: it’s just the law of averages. Where your perception sits on this law dictates your experience.

So if you want the sparkle and shine to come back, or indeed be discovered for the first time, go and look for it. Find someone who is currently experiencing that and piggy back their perception. Learn to see what they can see. Learn to live how they can live, and you will be happy. Or at least you will be on your way to find out more about yourself and more about the nature of perceptual reality that surrounds you and often loses you to it’s fleeting and delusional nature.

This is all. Be happy today; or at least be a little happier.

© Zoe 2015

4 thoughts on “Sparkle and Shine: Buddha with Zoe”

  1. Most of the time I can see the light, the sparkle and yet I do hit the lows where it seems all is gone. Over the years I have learned to recognize these moments and I called them ‘being in limbo’, I know ‘this time too shall pass’ so I turn into patience and keep plugging away in my life, knowing that the light will shine again, it’s just temporarily covered with clouds.

  2. Hi Violetta,
    Turning those times into ‘patience’ times is a great idea! Clouds do- and will- cover the sky and obscure the sun. Becoming patient is an excellent idea.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Zoe x

  3. Hi Zoe, I agree with Violetta about recognizing the moments. I call it Not fit for human consumption. Lol!
    I retreat, take a Vitamin B, eat something, have a nap, hide in my cave. Ha ha Ha. So much better than having a meltdown tantrum like a little kid. Sometimes things can whirl up unexpectedly and then it is just time to dig in to being mature and wise. Like just take ten deep breaths or call on the name of Jesus or just ask God to help you. He always hears our cries of despair. We can pray and ask him to help us, to give us more patience in a crisis, more faith that we can overcome!!! lv Collette

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