Service By BEing not Doing: Buddha with Zoe

Be to serve, not do, Northern stones
BE to serve, not do

Conversations with Zoe and Buddha: Service By BEing not Doing

Buddha: It has been a while since you engaged with me Zoe. Your life has been taken up by self and selfless work and action. As you, and others like you, work to bring yourself into harmony with All that is, it becomes easier for others. Those of you doing this now are like pioneers; trailblazers who walk a path that allows others to walk after you. How does this work? By BEing, you energetically entrain others that coexist/coincide with you physically as well as through the remit of your work. You, and others, need not DO anything other than allow that which is existing in your space and time to BE and eventually flow from you.

There will be others who will read this and recognize this in themselves. This is good. I say to you, you do not need to DO anything with this unless urged from within. You need to worship the sacred, the eternal, the vivacity of life. It is by living and doing that, that you do the same service as others who lift humanity through their physical daily actions and work. So let us be clear on this. There is just you and your honoring of that BEing, that space within. Give it life, honor and respect and you do your spiritual work as you occupy your time on earth whatever your physical deed and action.

This is all.

© Zoe 2015

4 thoughts on “Service By BEing not Doing: Buddha with Zoe”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I find that when I’m in the state of Being, everything flows, I move with the rhythm of life and all that happens, it happens almost effortlessly. I just need to remember to be and that my friends is one of the big challenges I face.

  2. Hi Violetta,
    Yes- remembering to be is the key 🙂
    Being in the flow feels good. Being out of the flow feels bad. If only our minds and to-do lists didn’t get in the way…
    Thanks for posting!
    Zoe X

  3. Hello, thanks for the opportunity to comment. When we choose to be grateful we enter the wonderful peace that is magnetic to others. They are not sure what it is but they like to be around it. They say,Oh why are you so happy or Oh I just love your smile. Even when you are in the most challenging life situations you can be in a state of calm and love. The decision to be in the fruits of the spirit. Like in the bible it says in Galatians 5:16 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such there is no law.

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