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Conversations with Jesus and Zoe: Work

a fantastic read site rencontre gratuit belgique Jesus: It is often asked of me why do I need to do this work?  Why can’t it be easy?  Better?  Different!

Visit Website Work provides a focus for time.  It provides challenges, thrills, highs and lows.  It means productivity and ultimately civilisation as you understand it. If everyone let go of work your worlds would become chaos.  Without focus, discipline and effort humans do not aspire to greatness. So work is a way of striving for something better, brighter and bigger than you have.

why not try this out This does not mean that I condone workaholism or results based efforts.  No.  I merely bring understanding on the importance of focus, effort, discipline.  So why not work?

More importantly learn to love your work.  Try this for one week – consciously engaging and positively expecting good things to happen.  Focus, effort and discipline can lift you to higher and greater things so do not dampen these talents with negative thinking towards your boss, job or colleagues.

Once you are striving for greater states it will become easier to meet me.  And this ultimately is my work for you.

With love.

© Zoe 2015

2 thoughts on “Work: Jesus with Zoe”

  1. Dear Miss Zoe,I am doing that exact thing. I know my days on Earth are numbered by our Father God. I do strive to be positive every day. I tried doing it for one whole week and I absolutely noticed a difference. People at work would start to say something negative and I would be in my mind, well that’s not too friendly or that is definitely not a positive statement. So I would try to steer the conversation to a positive focus. Soon I found I was getting on better with other people and was happier at the end of the day. Also if something particularly challenging happened I would say the name of Jesus quietly to myself. This helps me to have the strength to get through things that used to be very stressful. Thanking Jesus for provision and the chance to do something meaningful even if its just changing the atmosphere in my workplace!!
    kind regards Jim – working for Jesus.

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