Words of Wisdom: Jesus with Zoe

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Words of wisdom

Conversations with Jesus and Zoe: Words of Wisdom

Jesus: The impact of the spoken and written word is immense.  Many men have risen and fallen as a result of words.

Practice speaking and writing wisdom.  This does not mean telling people what to do, how to behave or think.  This means look for the wisdom in any given situation, practice contemplation then teach yourself to communicate with love, respect and honour for the intended recipient.

This small act will change how you feel and impact the lives of everyone you communicate with.  This makes speaking wisdom a powerful tool for change.

With love and best wishes.

© Zoe 2015

2 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom: Jesus with Zoe”

  1. Far out that is so good. Praise Jesus!!! I am reading the bible and started at the New Testament. It is amazing and awesome that Jesus is here with us on this page. I have been told that speaking scriptures is the best way for God to move in our lives and I have to tell you Zoe this actually worked for me this week. I was given some scriptures on Provision as I had a big money crisis. I spoke them and within a day both my son and myself had signed new job contracts. Amazing!!! The wisdom of Jesus and God in the Bible is alive!!!! and active in our lives! I write things down but am going to go buy a nice notebook tommorow to really try to do what Jesus says. Keen and Excited to see Change!!! love Mum with One Son. Vivvy.

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