The Three Musketeers: Buddha with Zoe

Three Musketeers
All for one and one for all!

Conversations with Zoe and Buddha: The Three Musketeers

click here to investigate important site Buddha: The Three Musketeers- I like that story. The story that resolves itself around a principle that I myself taught and continue to witness being taught.

site de rencontre amicale brest One for All and All for One!

You are bonded by your heritage- part of the cosmic force that defies time and space, form and formless and conceptual reality. You are all one species, physically, here on earth. Yet you spend time distinguishing self for others. ‘This makes me special, unique, individual’. I say ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL! Be your selves. You are separated by the unique combination of the parts that make a body look a certain way, a voice sound a certain way, a mind influenced and think in ways. All of you are unique aspects of the other. This is what your differences are- a reflection of the other parts that you are currently not in this life. So are you unique? In a very tertiary and transitory way. Like a fleeting thought, a small gasp of air. But truly you a real part of the kaleidoscope of ALL. Unite your perspectives and physical forms and see the ALL that you are.

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you can try here All for one and one for all!

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2 thoughts on “The Three Musketeers: Buddha with Zoe”

  1. check out this site I agree. For many years when I faced challenges dealing with others, I often close my eyes for a second and the thought “We are one” comes to my mind. I take a deep breath and start dealing with others from the heart, with kindness and love as it’s how I would like to be treated. I don’t see colors or different faces, I see energy in front of me, the same energy I am made of, I have gained a new respect. When practicing this approach I found myself in a place of unity, not separation. There are differences between all people but just underneath those differences, when you look closer, we are all the same.

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