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BEing the All: Buddha with Zoe

Being the all, Sunburstclouds
BEing the all

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Conversations with Zoe and Buddha: BEing the All

rencontre femme ouzbekistan her explanation Buddha: My time on earth was a fascinating one. I lived, I loved, I laughed, I lost, I was found and I was.

original site I still am. Some ask me what am I? Am I air? Sand? Sea? Surf?

radiocarbon dating data I am a resolute force. Do you like my use of the word ‘resolute’ after our last post? This is what I am. I am one with a single purpose: to lift mankind out of the depths of their illusion and allow them to understand their nature as Beings of All. There is no difference between you and another and another and you. This is all falsehood and illusion. Nothing exists as an entity separate from the self, and the self cannot exist as separate from the All.

http://www.russianecho.net/?fioper=rencontre-bd-marly&24d=8a What is All? Everything. So why wonder about it when you can BE it. BE it today. Practice Being the All today with me. This is just an intention to set forth into this world- nothing more. Who know- we may have fun!

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