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In the Present: Jesus with Zoe

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In the present

Conversation with Jesus and Zoe: In the Present

http://clemson.cokegameday.com/18979-flovent-hfa-price.html sustain аdminister http://inversionesaral.com/19798-priligy-price.html Jesus: Many things are left as yet untold for you.

http://www.trim-ai.com/55203-buy-neurontin-online.html confirm Why do you exist?  What can happen tomorrow?  Will I be this or that?

recherche femme grece This is the way that life was planned.  It is designed to keep you in the present.

rencontres filles tcheques In the present you can become aware of all that is manifest, manifold and ultimately the glory of God.

my blog Be with me now in this moment.

yoga dating nyc Forever, Amen.

aquarius woman dating a sagittarius man © Zoe 2015

Breath: Buddha with Zoe

Breath, http://conversationswithjesusandbuddha.com/breath/

Conversation with Buddha and Zoe: Breath

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ou rencontrer une femme musulmane sample http://parkstkdfl.com/24668-ranitidine-price.html Buddha: Reluctance to pursue that which is of most importance is a trait that almost all in humanity are blinded by.

cherche site de rencontres Anyone who has ever achieved anything has focused and taken away their reluctance and what they achieved in is what they considered important.  Priority is the breath: the priority is understanding that today you are alive no matter what is happening in the world around you or in your own mind: here you are.

http://sebastiancorreal.com/?molekyla=dating-sites-usa-and-uk&11c=71 Breath: know that there is nothing to fear in the breathe and very rarely is there anything to fear in the present moment.

https://distillery244.com/frnew1/1518 Work on this today and I will be with you.

© Zoe 2015

All Is Impermanent: Buddha with Zoe

All Is Impermanent, http://conversationswithjesusandbuddha.com/all-is-impermanent/ ‎
All is Impermanent

Conversation with Buddha and Zoe: All Is Impermanent

learn lithium price forecast Buddha: Begin now to look at the world the way we see it.  This world is of temporary form- always shifting, always moving out, shifting each of your every lives.  This world that you live in is bigger, bolder and greater than the individual life that you currently inhabit.

With this knowledge learn to respect the earth.  Learn to keep the earth’s greatness in your mind and with every choice that you make be aware of consequence.  I say this to each and every one of you.Yet do not become fixed on the permanence of damage or sustainability or even on life itself.

Think of yourself as in transit. You are always moving from one form into another.  Birth, life stages, days, places that you visit- always moving in and out of form.  Not just within the lifetime of the soul but within the lifetime even of the day.  One moment is always different from the next, yet you remain.  So treat your host with respect and dignity, your host the earth. You are traveling through this lifetime and leave it well.

Begin to recognize that there are those that have gone before you who knew and understood this and worked to leave no footprint of themselves upon the earth. Take a step towards this. This will do two things: Firstly this will give the respect to the earth that it deserves. Secondly this will begin to train you in the nature of your reality right now as you sit and read these words. This moment, whilst real now, will be gone in a moment from now. Take from it what you need. Recognize the impermanence of all and become still and settled within that. Great is the suffering of the many who try and fix points through time, through desire.

Whilst great things can be achieved within a lifetime, within a year, within a month, a week, a day, all is just single moments threaded together. All is impermanent.

I taught to think of moments, of actions, of words spoken to others, of thoughts, all of these as beads on string. Each bead represents that thought, that moment, that desire, that action. This will be the legacy that the soul will carry forth from you. You will with you a string of beads and on that string will be your decisions whether you have been conscious of them or not. This is what you will take to what id beyond form. I taught that this is all that is important- a string of beads- and that isn’t even real in form but metaphysical.

Today I will teach you to value the impact of your life, your choices. Delve into your thoughts, your desires to help you become aware of the impact of your life and your choices, conscious or not.

Life is different today. Different in the fact that impact is greater, desire is greater, restlessness and suffering is greater and this happens at a time when many of you have more of that which is in form. Therefore switch your focus from your daytime job to give you things, material forms, and instead focus on your inner world. This is your real job and it matters not what you do in the world of form. What matters is how. Bring conscious awareness into your life, into your moment and learn to keep the focus on your internal world. learn to become aware of when you become out of yourself and learn to hold the moments where you are inside. Inside your body, inside your life, inside what you are doing- this is where you meet the present. This is where you are doing you inner work.

And this is all for today.

© Zoe 2015