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Race: Jesus with Zoe

Race, http://conversationswithjesusandbuddha.com/race-jesus-with-zoe/ ‎

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Jesus: There is much talk about “Race” in your culture today.  So much associated with this.  Your past dictating your social future, etc.  In spirit we are all one with no concern over pigment of skin, caste and creed, kith and kin.  Unite as one and you shall find peace within.  Your skin is temporary.  It sheds, renews and eventually will lose its form and you will find yourself with us, without any thought of it.  Rejoice for this truth can be yours now.  Celebrate the differences in form that you have for so few years.  Work today to let go of mind or social based judgements.  We are all one.  Learn to look for this in those that are “different” and you will move closer to us.


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