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Why Do I Not Intervene?: Jesus with Zoe

Why I don't intervene, http://conversationswithjesusandbuddha.com/i-must-be-found-jesus-and-zoe/ ‎
Why do I not intervene?

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http://listentoyourhorse.com/?ppwiet=rencontres-cnfpt&c25=95 http://www.sv-st-blasien.de/?sheldon=casual-dating-kostenlos-schreiben&1bf=2f Jesus: I am often asked why do I not come and stop or intervene the destructive acts of man.

click this site I am a force – a force that is there, that can be tapped into.  I cannot and will not use my power to impose myself on any person, event, deed, nation.  I am here but I must be found.

visit this website Turn to me and I will help lift you – restoring hope, buoyancy and help through the trying times.  Let my light lift and guide you through your path and journey during life.  I am here and always near.  I am to be found not to be forced.

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