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Work: Jesus with Zoe

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Conversations with Jesus and Zoe: Work

kostenlose single bilder http://faithsmedicalservices.com/maljavkos/3061 Jesus: It is often asked of me why do I need to do this work?  Why can’t it be easy?  Better?  Different!

http://www.fbtaudio.co.uk/?mirta=femmes-qui-cherche&8ab=21 Work provides a focus for time.  It provides challenges, thrills, highs and lows.  It means productivity and ultimately civilisation as you understand it.

http://www.handpickedvillas.net/malkinos/1937 If everyone let go of work your worlds would become chaos.  Without focus, discipline and effort humans do not aspire to greatness.

http://tjez.gob.mx/perdakosis/5830 So work is a way of striving for something better, brighter and bigger than you have.

http://www.ekichronicles.com/?pityr=speed-dating-bristol-pitcher-and-piano&cec=1d This does not mean that I condone workaholism or results based efforts.  No.  I merely bring understanding on the importance of focus, effort, discipline.  So why not work?

go right here More importantly learn to love your work.  Try this for one week – consciously engaging and positively expecting good things to happen.  Focus, effort and discipline can lift you to higher and greater things so do not dampen these talents with negative thinking towards your boss, job or colleagues.

online dating sites like plenty of fish Once you are striving for greater states it will become easier to meet me.  And this ultimately is my work for you.

pop over to this website With love.

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