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Love In Abundance: A Prayer from Maitreya with TMichael

Love in Abundance, http://conversationswithjesusandbuddha.com/love_in_abundance/ ‎
Love in abundance

http://devrimcicephe.org/vistawkoe/2179 Background to A Prayer from Maitreya with TMichael

dating sioux falls sd TMichael:  This meditation was given to me many years ago by Maitreya.  After reciting it daily since then I have just begun to understand its significance and meaning to me.  Prayer and meditation are often emblematic of the mystery of life, subjective and personally revealing in their own way and time.  Please receive this prayer in that spirit.


        Love in Abundance

http://hpgnetwork.com/remombo/5401 With every breath that I breathe in I receive love in abundance, and
With every breath that I breathe out I send love in abundance into the world,
I am filled with love in abundance.

http://vahidsport.com/pltyte/factore/6788 As I receive love in abundance I use my courage, truthfulness, goodness and beauty to enhance its value for the benefit of all.
I follow the path of love and wisdom.

je cherche femme en algerie I am grateful for all that I receive in love in abundance,
And I am grateful for all that I share with others.

rencontres kiev I am that I am and thus receive the blessings of love in abundance.

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