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Right use of mind

Conversation with Buddha and Zoe: Right Use of Mind

visit right here Buddha: We need to get to the bottom of why people do not choose to use their minds correctly.  A well working mind is like a well-oiled machine: it takes you clearly, decisively and definitively to where you need to be. Yet people choose to allow their minds to rust and take them down roads and paths to oblivion. There needs to be recognition, first, that the minds of men need to change.

contactos con mujeres en la coruña Second, there needs to be a clear understanding that change can exist and thirdly, there needs to be easy to use methodical, logical, dependable, un-debatable tools.  You cannot escape the mind although the mind can escape you.  This is not something to be feared or fearful of.

http://labelsur.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://labelsur.com/pagina-ejemplo/ Mind simply exists.  It was created as a means of allowing humans to rise above that of the levels of animal.  As I’ve said before, this has happened. However, for many this has meant dipping below the level of animal.  With needless violence, killing, disgracing, maiming and shocking. What for? For the purpose of satiating an out of control ego.

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