Resolution: Buddha with Zoe

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top annonce cherche femme 24 Conversations with Zoe and Buddha: Resolution

Visit Website classement site de rencontres 2013 Buddha: We wish to speak with you today about resolution and a resolute day.

a fantastic read Many of you have set New Year resolutions. You are thinking and feeling about what you want and don’t want. This is fine. In fact it can become a good practice. So, let’s make it so. Resolution- decision without question. Desire to carry thought form into life through action and emotional and mental dedication.

nordkette singletrail innsbruck Resolute day-a day where you decide you will resolve on action and remain dedicated to your course or your decision despite what others matters come your way.

Can you see and feel how learning this may help you in times to come? We can. So try. Take one thing today and be resolute. Unite with mind and emotion and make action from this healthy union.

This is all for today.

© Zoe 2015

2 thoughts on “Resolution: Buddha with Zoe”

  1. One of my challenges was to develop discipline in order to find freedom within. Slowly I set small goals for myself and worked through to achieve them. It took time and dedication. My latest goal was to loose 35lbs. I have lost 27lbs so far by exercising and changing my diet. I am close to my goal, with that said, I had to develop discipline to be consistent with my exercise routine, eat healthy and align myself on all levels. It was a really good process and now it’s easy to continue with my exercise routine and eating healthy. My body is better for it and I feel fantastic. Creating resolution and developing the discipline to reach the goal is the key here. It will always turn out for the better.

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