Reincarnation: Buddha with TMichael


Conversation with Buddha and TMichael: Reincarnation

TM: What is reincarnation exactly?

Master Buddha: Every living thing on Earth has an eternal essence, or spirit.  That spirit or essence cycles through life experience in material form and in various other forms, and what may be called non-forms from the perspective of material being.  In the material form on Earth of which we are speaking, there are many choices.  The essence chooses according to the experience one has been created to experience.

TM: Does this mean that those of us in human form would choose human form in the next life on Earth and not that of an animal, insect or plant?

Master Buddha: That’s correct.

TM: Does that also mean that no other past life we were any of those other forms and then graduated to human form?

Master Buddha: It is correct that individual essence, or personalized essence does not vary in forms in successive incarnations on Earth.  Each kingdom, mineral, plant, animal, human, and spirit has a role to play for the uplifting of vibration of the whole.  It means that as each tiny life fulfills that role to a greater and greater point of perfection then the whole rises in vibration and thus contributes to the likelihood of greater perfection, so on and so forth.

TM: What is meant by ‘vibration’?

Master Buddha: Vibration is measured by frequency, as you may be familiar in sound frequency or light waves.  A wave is produced and the shorter the wave, the higher the frequency, i.e. the faster its frequency of repetition.  Another way to think of it is in density.  Slower or lower frequencies are denser, and the opposite is true for higher, faster frequencies.  This happens at a subatomic level and then is reflected in the ultimate form composition intended by the inhabited essence.  The choosing of a form is instinctual according to the essence’s creative prerogatives.  That is, a human essence will instinctively choose a human form, a plant essence a plant form.  As that essence progresses over many lifetimes, it will increase its vibration within that form.  As each individual increases the vibration of its form there is a phenomenon that occurs in that other forms within that kingdom also increase slightly, and to a lesser degree the vibration life forms within other kingdoms increase as well.

TM: What is actually vibrating then?

Master Buddha: The essence within the form, which then reverberates throughout the form.

TM: And the essence is made up of what?

Master Buddha: The essence is comprised of light and sound waves, plus energetic qualities that resemble light and sound, but are distinct in their vibration apart from their binding with light and sound.

TM: So is consciousness the same as essence?

Master Buddha: In all discussion about these matters, it is a good idea to differentiate between individual and group reference.  Consciousness, like essence, can be either individual or group.  It is a part of essence as I am speaking of it here.

TM: Is there a set number of lives that an individual essence must fulfill and what happens at some point of fulfillment?

Master Buddha: If you mean, is there a quota of number of lives, the answer is no.  Each individual essence progresses as its free will and experience determine.  All benefit from the most progressive for the reasons stated earlier.  This ensures progress for all.  Each kingdom progresses and thus assists the other kingdoms to also progress.

TM: So what is the aim eventually?  Is the progression infinite or finite, and how is that decided?

Master Buddha: From our perspective, the progress is infinite.  This is because we haven’t the capacity to comprehend the finite within divine expression.

TM: May we speak later about the role of karma in reincarnation?

Master Buddha: Yes.

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7 thoughts on “Reincarnation: Buddha with TMichael”

  1. From human form, one can go to PIG form. one who eats plenty & indulges his whole life will build in vasanas for it. So you get PIG form to clean the vasanas. So is different vasanas and connected to forms. This is from Adi Sankaras`s Vivekachudamani.

  2. Bryce asked, Do you personally believe there is any way to prove reincarnation?
    I believe there are ways to prove reincarnation, but those ways are not universally accepted. Maybe someday we will have other methods that will satisfy everyone. It does seem to be a point of curiosity for many people, a fact beyond question for others, and completely foreign to some.

  3. I do not think Lord Buddha has ever taught man had an eternal essence or mind or whatever. His central teaching, the only non exotic teaching we can learn from him and the other “enlightened ones” is that nothing and no-one exists *a se*, *per se* & *in se* : everything is interdependant : such is the real meaning of the famous metaphor called “emptiness”…
    Enough for now and warm regards…

  4. For evidence (not necessarily airtight “proof”) of reincarnation, do a Google search on Dr. Ian Stevenson, or visit the “Children’s Past Lives Research Center” on the web at – of course “proof” is a relative thing and if someone is predisposed not to believe something, they will try to find an alternative explanation for all available evidence. But I think that the evidence that Dr. Stevenson and Carol Bowman have collected is worthy of consideration.

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