Love Thy Neighbour: Jesus with Zoe

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Love thy neighbour When I first began to record these conversations I was having with Jesus it felt as though he was giving me instructions for spiritual exercises. I took these instructions seriously and have practiced what he has suggested. I post this series of conversations with Jesus so perhaps you can try them too.

Conversations with Jesus and Zoe: Love thy Neighbour

rencontre vue mariage tunisie learn this here now Jesus: Love thy neighbour as you love thyself, for I am as much in them as you.  Look for me in their eyes and extend the arm of friendship, love and compassion.  There is little need for anything else – ever.

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2 thoughts on “Love Thy Neighbour: Jesus with Zoe”

  1. Praise Jesus! That is wonderful and true. Jesus gives us the ability to see others through his eyes of love. When we ask Him to come in to our hearts and accept Him as our Savior then the veil is lifted. Our ways change to His ways, and we begin to walk in His Way. We see others with love and compassion and our heart goes out to them. We find ourselves more giving, more forgiving, more patient and more grateful for every little thing.
    What a joyful free gift to live an enriched worthwhile life. Thank you Jesus.
    from B.W.

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