Live! Buddha with Zoe

Live, Buddha with Zoe, image dynamic flower
Live whilst you are alive

Conversations with Zoe and Buddha: Live!

Buddha: ‘Living’ is the experience you undertake as you have this so called ‘life’. But are you living? Or existing? Do not forget that ‘living’ in it’s true sense is an opening of possibility; the numerous and endless ways you can meet this moment now as you are alive in body.

Live today. Existence will still be here tomorrow. But it may change. Feel alive and embrace the experience of possibilities. Do not shed them for a meaningless existence.

I exist: I live- just in a different way from you. I still engage in the lives I live and experience them in their fullest. While you may not comprehend my meaning on myself, comprehend it for yourself. Feel like you’re living while you are alive.

© Zoe 2015

2 thoughts on “Live! Buddha with Zoe”

  1. There is such difference in living versus existing. Most people exist, going through each day on autopilot. Forgetting to stop and smell the roses. We live on such a beautiful planet, all it takes is a moment to notice the beauty all around us, allow it to fill us and help us feel alive. Every day I am determined to live, not just exist, the little things I notice bring me so much joy. People who rush through life miss a lot, slow down, take a moment to look around, express gratitude for where you are right now and pay attention to your heart, I assure you, it will start opening up. Live, love, enjoy.

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