Money- Does It Matter? Buddha with Zoe

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Does money matter?

Conversations with Zoe and Buddha: Does Money Matter?

sinopsis dating agency ep 5 part 1 Click Here Buddha: Today I wish to speak to about wealth and whether it matters. This is a subject that many of you fight with yourself about. By wealth I am going to focus on money: the mechanism that you have for acquiring large amounts of things and experiences. The world was made abundantly. There was always more for you than you could ever utilize or use. It was made with great love and given to you with great joy. More than you could ever utilize: a land of milk of honey. But where you have gone wrong is in thinking that more of it was meant for you than was designed for another. Over the ages man has ensnared man even to the point of physical entrapment . Further more many have sold what they felt was their right to sell: the physical body of another. This is fundamentally against the principle upon which this reality, this earth, was created. It is possible to go back to having enough for all but a culture shift will need to happen that is so vast you could call it cataclysmic. This will be started by a shift in consciousness. Many of you feel this. Your institutions feel this and their answer is to try and shore their institutions and themselves up in more wealth as if that means the cataclysm can’t and wont affect them.

Click Here Many of you are currently suffering feeling you do not have enough. If you feel this is you, please take the time to look around and you and see if this is true- do you really not have enough? Enough of what? Food? Look in your kitchen. Money? Look in your bank. And with this one also look at your spend. Many of you claim to not have enough but actually have more than you could ever maintain physically by yourself: your home, your cars, your electrical goods and so forth. This is indeed a time of change and in these times you are asked to look within and find your own personal answers to how much is enough for you. Once you have enough, cycle your excess: this was, and is, the basis of charity and community.

rencontres 54 It is entirely possible that the cycle of money you circle in this life may come back to you when you may need it for yourself. Lonely is the person who shores themselves with big bank accounts and excesses of living whilst others are in pain. This is how it is. This is how it always has been. This is how it always will be. This is because you are part of each other. To shore yourself against another defies your nature, so your nature will suffer. To sell another for personal gain without thought and feeling for their well-being is another example. It defies your nature and so your nature must suffer. I say end this suffering: discover your enough and circulate your excess. All is well with your world.

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5 thoughts on “Money- Does It Matter? Buddha with Zoe”

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    These days, it seems as though everyone is tight on money; everyone is looking for ways to save. For those who may be unsure of how to go about doing this, here are some tips for how to save money on everyday expenses….

  2. I completely agree with the above message. I struggled with money for a very long time. I realized I had a negative relationship with money. It took me a while to shift my views and beliefs around the money subject. Now I still sometimes fall short but I do have a positive relationship and I know there is enough for everyone. It changes your perspective completely and the interaction with your surroundings.

  3. Doesn’t it just… So many people struggle with money. It was wonderful of Buddha to choose the subject to talk about.
    Best Wishes for your personal abundance and abundance for all!
    Zoe x

  4. Zoe, recently we saw really horrible devastation of homes and properties from bush fire. As the city prayed the people of the mountains evacuated down to the plains. Many homes and businesses were destroyed. There was and has been a massive outpouring of kindness and generosity to help people rebuild there lives. Money was their biggest requirement and people were able to donate at the same time they purchased their own groceries at the supermarket. When crises occur close to home our focus of what we need and what we are grateful for shifts profoundly. We can cut our belongings in half and still have enough. We can go without one meal so someone can put food on the table for a family with none. Our abundance is there specifically for us to be able to be generous.
    Cheers for your awesome website.

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