An Affirmation of Success: Buddha with Zoe

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An affirmation of success

Conversations with Zoe and Buddha: An Affirmation of Success

Buddha: There are those who think how will I survive if I don’t do? If I don’t achieve? If I don’t succeed? But ask yourself- survive what? Living? You cannot survive this as it is your destiny to leave living through death. This is inevitable. Does this mean put yourself in harms way? No. But learn to cherish the living one within. The one that unites you with all other Ones. The eternal. It is here to enjoy and explore. So why not enjoy and explore? Perhaps you can do this as you go about your daily life and business. Perhaps you can make this your affirmation of success.

Go now, and enjoy yourself.

© Zoe 2015

2 thoughts on “An Affirmation of Success: Buddha with Zoe”

  1. I used to hide deep within, over the years I allowed my Spirit come closer to the surface. I noticed such big difference in how I view life, other people, situations. Also, people have commented that I have changed, feel lighter, more peaceful. I allow it to fill my heart and approach things with love. I still encounter challenges, I live a human life, but having my connection to my Spirit allows me to live my life on much deeper level.

  2. Hi Violetta,
    Doesn’t it feel great to have more of your Spirit in your everyday life? I certainly love and cherish it as the best thing I’ve ever experienced.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Zoe X

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