A Fine Way To Live: Buddha with Zoe

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A fine way to live

Conversations with Zoe and Buddha: A Fine Way to Live

Buddha: We’ve spoken before about right use of mind.

Your mind directs your being. Towards what? Towards whatever it is concerned or focused upon. There may be no method in this. In life, behaving this way would be considered folly. A life of perpetual meandering. Now some people do behave this way. This is considered to be an undesirable or even mentally ill state of being. Unless you wish life to give you more meandering like experiences, focus yourself. Start with your mind: what do you wish to achieve? How will you achieve? Then be. And as you be, act upon your plan. This is a fine way to live in this, your world.

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One thought on “A Fine Way To Live: Buddha with Zoe”

  1. I am a doer. Yet, often I would struggle and fail in doing. One wise friend once told me ‘learn to be first’, I took the time and learned to be, once in a state of being, I then took action and the difference in approach was tremendous, the results staggering in a positive way. Now I am mindful to remain in a state of being no matter what I’m doing.

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